ARP Realty Services, Inc.

HOAM is free software for management of condominium, townhome, and single-family neighborhood associations. Why give it away for free? There are a few very important reasons:

  1. When you employ ARP Realty, you are purchasing our management services in terms of the time we spend on your account. In general, that means the records we create and the information we store ultimately belong to you, our customer.
  2. We have been contacted by many small condominium and neighborhood associations that need professional management services, but it simply isn't cost-effective for them. Alternatively, some associations would just rather self-manage. They're not likely to hire a professional management company, so why not provide a tool to help?
  3. When changing management companies, often the most difficult part is the transition of records from the old agent; there are incompatible programs, formats, and processes. Most of ARP Realty's business comes from associations that are dissatisfied with their current management company, and if the current company is already using HOAM (since it's free and doesn't cost tens of thousands of dollars like competing management software), that makes our job easier, and the Association doesn't lose any history.
  4. If, for whatever reason, you decide to no longer employ ARP Realty, you can freely take your data without fear of losing information or being locked in to an expensive proprietary management program, and you can continue running exactly as before without interruption.

By allowing anyone to use HOAM, we're also trying to encourage management companies to transparently compete on level of service, and it encourages associations to freely change management companies without the fear of lock-in.

For more information on the GNU Affero GPLv3 license and the free software philosophy in general, please see the Free Software Foundation's web site at and

Please note, although available for download, HOAM is still under significant development and has many rough edges that new users may have difficulty with. Documentation is woefully incomplete, and it is still occasionally necessary to manually tweak database entries. At this time, the best place for support is at the SourceForge site, For minor questions you may contact, or see below for commercial support services.

Hosting and Support Services

We offer both hosting and support services for HOAM, please see our main company page for details.